Bo Tyler

“When teaching guitar, banjo or voice, my philosophy is that learning should be fun, rewarding and effective. Lessons are unique to the learning style and interests of each individual student. We’ll learn things that are really fun and interesting for you to play, while using the most effective teaching and learning techniques to make sure that what we learn sticks… and that you improve faster than you might think you can! I aim to keep students in the “sweet spot” of learning: not so challenging that you’re overwhelmed, but not so easy that you feel bored or become stagnant. When you get this balance right, you can’t help but get better and enjoy music more every single week!”


Bio: Bo has over 10 years of experience as a music teacher, performing artist and recording engineer. As a guitarist, banjo player and vocalist, he’s played on some of the biggest festival stages in the US, taught a diverse array of students, been featured in major publications, and learned from some of the music industries most talented teachers and artists. He has a Music Business, Performance & Technology degree from Austin Community College, and currently teaches lessons in the Austin, TX area.