Christie MacFarlane

Christie started playing piano in her home country, South Africa, at the age of six, and moved to
America in 2015. She became heavily involved in various music programs in high school, and
was awarded the school’s Bernstein Musicianship Award in her junior year, and won her high
school’s annual concerto competition in her senior year, where she performed the Third
Movement of the Grieg Piano Concerto in A minor. She was a member of the Denver Jazz Club
Youth All-Stars, directed by Dr. Cannava, performing at the annual Sacramento Jubilee Jazz
Festival, The Evergreen Jazz Festival in Colorado, as well as at the International Montreux Jazz
Festival in Switzerland, and Kongsberg Jazz Festival in Norway. She is currently a second year
student at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, majoring in music performance, studying
under Dr. Jooeun Pak. Christie is very patient, gentle, and passionate about piano. She loves the
outdoors and going on hikes, as well as meeting new people.