Coby Chilson

Coby Chilson has been playing guitar and drums for approximately 10 years. He has been teaching children ages 8-15 since 2018. His main genres include Rock and Hard Rock, but also has experience in Pop, Indie, Metal, and Kids music.

Coby realized that he wanted his life to be centered around music and chose to do so by learning how to record music in college, performing music with bands, and by teaching music.

Coby believes that anyone can learn how to play an instrument; it just takes determination and practice. He has taught students in a class setting, one on one, and also has taught students to play together as a band.

Having a great music teacher is an excellent way for one to continue a life with music and Coby wants to make sure students have a fun experience by learning the things they want to learn, while also learning the fundamentals along the way.