Zoe Kitinoja

Zoe Kitinoja started playing trombone at the age of 9, and music has been her lifelong endeavor ever since. She loves the trombone because it is a unique, versatile instrument that comes with many challenges. It can be played beautifully as well as big and bombastic, portraying all kinds of different emotions. Zoe played trombone all throughout grade school and high school. While earning her bachelor’s degree in performance at California State University, Zoe gained proficiency in piano and now offers lessons on both instruments. In the summer of 2018, she received her master’s degree in performance at the University of Denver.

Zoe has performed with high school and college wind ensembles in New York, Washington DC, and Chicago. She also travels with her church group, the Elohim Orchestra, that works together with the UN to raise money for disaster relief in the US and other countries in need.

Zoe has been extremely fortunate to be taught by dedicated, inspired music teachers in her hometown of Woodland, California. She believes all of them saw potential in her and gave her many opportunities to audition into groups, perform in various venues for the community, and learn about the music scene as she grew up. Thanks to them, Zoe had an amazing music education and sought a career in music.

Zoe believes that music is important to the development of children, allowing them to be creative and express their feelings in a fun and inventive way. Music is like a language that all human beings can utilize, using sounds instead of words. She believes music is important to have in one’s life, whether as a hobby or a career.