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Tess Halonen

Teaches in Denver, CO

From Denver, Colorado

Plays Flute, Guitar, and Piano


Tess Halonen hails from sunny Las Cruces, New Mexico, where she began playing classical flute competitively in her formative years. Currently, Tess is an active and enthusiastic performing artist in Colorado. Most recently, she’s played semi-professionally with The Arapahoe Philharmonic, The Boulder Symphony and The Colorado Wind Ensemble. She sits on the Board of The Colorado Flute Association and Tess was recently awarded a Professional Fellowship at the Hawaii Performing Arts Festival. She has performed in masterclasses with Alan Weiss, Brook Ferguson, Lisa Garner Santa and Amy Porter. Tess studied piano and guitar at the Lamont School of Music while achieving her Performance degree at the University of Denver. Additionally, Tess holds a BS in Physics and Mathematics from the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Tess enjoys living in the city with her two beautiful dogs, Peach and Mocha.