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Harrison Graham

Teaches in Northern Los Angeles

From Santa Monica, California

Plays Drums, and Guitar


Harrison is a college student, currently studying general fields in the arts: film, television, and music. He has been involved with music for most of his life, with his passion for music starting with vocal performance. Since learning to sing in his formative years, Harrison has performed and taught guitar, ukulele, bass and drums professionally. Additionally, he produces and mixes his own music through DJing. Harrison is well versed in music theory, and he brings that aspect of music to his students. Described as an all-around general music fanatic, Harrison is happy to work with students of all ages. His main goal is to be able to pass along the love of music to other aspiring musicians who want to learn how to play their favorite songs, and maybe even start to make music of their own. He hopes that his students will be able to learn how to love and appreciate music so that they include it in their daily practices.