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Hough Johnson

Teaches in Denver, CO

From Denver, Colorado

Plays Bass, Drums, and Guitar


Hough Johnson grew up in Virginia Beach, VA. He began playing drums and taking lessons in 2001, and soon after, he joined the first of many bands. Hough began studying privately with jazz legend Ralph Copley. Ralph mentored Hough as a jazz drummer in his youth, ultimately giving him the technique to reach his full potential. His training included vibraphone, marimba, timpani, blocks, shakers, concert snare and drum kit.

Hough is a founding member of Denver-based improvisational jazz/rock group, Ruby Hill. He also produces his own solo outfit, Yours Truly, where he plays drums, guitar, and bass. He has released one full-length album, and he has new music always in progress.

Hough is an excitable and upbeat drum, guitar and bass instructor in the Denver area. Addiotnally, he has teaching experience on the Eldora slopes, teaching snowboarding to ages 7-and up, which he enjoys doing in his free time.