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Jobine Bernous

Teaches in Southern California

From Anaheim, California

Plays and Piano


Jobine Bernous is a native Californian, having spent most of his years within the Orange County area. He started his musical journey at the age of 4 when his father taught him how to play guitar. He went on to learn the Classical and Flamenco styles throughout his formative years, later learning rock and metal in his teenage years. He attended Irvine Valley College as a piano and composition major and studied privately under Juilliard pianist Susan Boettger and international composer Daniel Luzko. While there, he won numerous composition awards, performed in various recitals, and had many original scores for Orchestra, Choir, and Ensemble performed. He was later accepted into, and went on to study at California State University of Fullerton. There, he was an active member of the Men's Chorus, composed a variety of original scores, and began instruction on conducting orchestras. Jobine eventually graduated with a BA of Psychology from National State University, seeking to integrate music and therapeutic functions in order to inspire, vitalize, and heal through learning music. Now he resides in Anaheim Hills, CA, where he likes to go out on hikes, spend time with his friends and family, play and improvise piano, and inspire his students to find the hidden beauty within learning and mastering an instrument throughout ones life.