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Matthew Campbell

Teaches in Portland, OR

From Beaverton, Oregon

Plays Bass, Clarinet, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Ukulele, and Voice


Professional, experienced, & versatile, Matthew Campbell began his musical journey in Indiana, PA, where he studied music & traveled the world in several jazz & vocal ensembles. Recently, Matthew has been teaching private music lessons for over 15 years. He is a multi-instrumentalist & musical artist with over 25 years on stage experience in many bands & as a solo entertainer. He has had several mentors through his career including Randy Lobeck (R.I.P.), the original sax player for Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band in the 70s. Matthew’s primary instrument is Saxophone (all forms & levels). Matthew’s 2nd primary, if that’s a thing, is Voice (all levels). Matthew teaches you singing & voice acting lessons as he has 99 voices. Matthew also teaches Guitar (all forms & levels), Ukulele (all forms & levels), Clarinet (all forms & levels), & Piano (beginner & intermediate levels). As an active songwriter, Matthew also teaches songwriting & music theory. Matthews band is Mellify on Bandcamp You can also find him on Matthews YouTube & #Mellify to check out his vibes. In addition to a music teacher, performer, & YouTuber, Matthew is an event host and a fun-loving teacher who gets no greater satisfaction than seeing his student surpass him!!! Matthew has taught for example Pedro Abrams clarinet from beginner day one to auditioning for Disney World as a professional clarinet player. His teaching style is a balance between fun & structured lessons, with plenty of wiggle room for your personality. Matthew strives to make each lesson enjoyable first, productive a close 2nd!