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Mitchell Clark

Teaches in Philadelphia, PA

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Plays Bass, Guitar, Piano, and Voice


Mitchell Clark has been a musician all his life. He began classical piano lessons at age 6, later adding several more instruments and taking songwriting lessons as well. By the time he reached high school, Mitchell was playing guitar, bass, saxophone, drums and singing in various bands, and playing jazz piano in the school jazz band. It was at this time that he started recording and producing his own bands as well as his friends bands. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Science in Music Industry from Drexel University in Philadelphia, with concentrations in technology and business administration.

Since graduating from Drexel, Mitchell has gone on to work in recording studios as well as teach private music lessons in Los Angeles, CA and in Silver Spring, MD before moving back to Philadelphia, where he now does freelance music production for various private clients, record labels and recording studios. He teaches at the STEAM program in Philly and also teaches private lessons for a variety of instruments in addition to music production and songwriting. On top of this he also manages his own production company Zebra Frequencies specializing in boutique music marketing, music production, hosting an artist interview podcast, merchandise production, graphic design, event photography, NFT minting and more. When he’s not teaching or making music or playing shows, Mitchell loves to go snowboarding, hiking, biking, and traveling.