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Kera Krause

Teaches in Texas

From Austin, Texas

Plays Clarinet, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Ukulele, and Voice


Kera is a musician, recording engineer and teacher based out of Austin, TX. She has studied music for most of her life, earning her Associate’s Degree in Music Business, Performance and Technology from Austin Community College. There she studied jazz, classical, pop, rock, recording and songwriting. In addition to Coaching for Vocals and Songwriting, Kera offers lessons for guitar, piano, ukulele, clarinet and saxophone. Kera has been teaching for 3 years online and in person. When she isn’t teaching music, Kera writes and records her own songs, teaches yoga and plays with indie rock band After Aristotle.

Associate of Applied Science in Music Business, Performance and Technology (Austin Community College, 2015- 2017)

2 Years Studying Music Education (Del Mar College, 2011-2013)

7 Years Performing Solo and with Bands

Over 10 Years Playing Multiple Instruments and Singing Many Genres