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Claire Lyons

Teaches in Phoenix, AZ

From Peoria, AZ

Plays Piano, Ukulele, and Violin


Claire Lyons comes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she began playing classical violin in her formative years. Currently, Claire is an active and enthusiastic music teacher in the Desert Heights School District. She holds a BA in Music Education from Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio. She is an active violin performer and teacher in Phoenix, Arizona. Claire has been teaching for nearly 5 years working with students of varying ages and levels of musical accomplishment, from early childhood through college level. She can teach instrumental and rhythmic fundamentals while simultaneously nurturing the artistic spirit of her students. Claire has worked with teaching in many different styles from the Suzuki method and traditional violin method, to teaching jazz violin, chamber music, and how to perform within an orchestra. Younger students especially flourish from Claire’s vast musical knowledge, experience, and patient approach to instruction. In addition to teaching violin, Claire teaches piano and ukulele. She enjoys running, houseplants, puzzles and living in Peoria, Arizona with her fiance, Thomas.