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Hayley Maeda

Teaches in Northern Los Angeles

From Hermosa Beach, California

Plays Voice, Songwriting, and Ukulele


Hayley Maeda is a vocalist, songwriter and producer from Los Angeles, California. From the age of four, she started belting out tunes (or random notes) and immediately fell in love with music. After years of voice/guitar/ukulele lessons, she attended Orange County School of the Arts, participating in both the Musical Theatre and Popular Music conservatories. Through this experience, she developed a passion for vocal performance and songwriting. In 2018, she graduated from Berklee College of Music, with a degree in Songwriting.

With over 15 years of singing and songwriting training, Hayley has a variety of professional experience, including the placement of her original song, “Tonight,” on the SyFy Network. She enjoys working with students on building their own unique musical identity, helping them identify strengths and improving upon ever-developing skills. With extensive vocal training, music theory education and music production knowledge, she can integrate different aspects of music into every lesson and give a more comprehensive understanding of the subject. She believes in creating individualized lessons for each student, making the content exciting and fun to learn.