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Natalia Stepanyuga

Teaches in Denver, CO

From Castle Rock, Colorado

Plays and Piano


Natalia started playing piano when she was seven, and she has been passionate about music her whole life. She was born in Russia, lived in Ukraine and Belarus, and moved to the United States nine years ago. Since earning her Bachelor’s degree in music arts from Belarusian Academy of Music (Minsk, Belarus), she worked as an accompanist and a piano instructor in State Choreographic College of Republic of Belarus, and several other music schools. Natalia also made commercial CD recordings of her impromptu ballet music. Seeking to express her love for singing, she performed with several choirs on European tours and was a part of several choir competitions. She is a winner of Cantonigros (Spain) XII Festival Internacional de Musica de Cantonigros, and Roma (Italy) III concorso corale Internazionale di musica sacra Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina. Natalia taught piano to a variety of students ranging from kids to adults and has the ability to adapt to every student’s goals, be it playing for fun, taking steps towards a professional career in music, or preparing for piano competitions.