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Angela Darpinian

Teaches in Southern California

From Wildomar, California

Plays Piano, and Voice


Angela Mona Darpinian is an Armenian singer-songwriter and pianist from Wildomar, CA. Since 5 years old, she's been learning the piano while naturally singing as a toddler.

She was around 9 years of age when taken to vocal lessons for proper instruction and development. While enhancing her piano and vocal capabilities from age 11 until 13 at the Academy of Music in Murrieta, Angela turned to writing as a form of expression, both personally and artistically.

She then continued to write many original songs on the piano, and perform at a few talent shows/middle school plays before being homeschooled. Angela is a natural performer with confident stage presence, and is dedicated to teaching aspiring artists how to find their voice and persona as well.

At 17, she was one of the teen finalists of the contest, Boys and Girls Club Idol Season 9, then ended up in second place after Makayla Phillips. She has performed in front of well-known names such as Siedah Garrett and Ronnie King.

At 19, she performed at Riverside's Got Talent and won the Special Performance Award for her emotional performance of "Gloomy Sunday" by Billie Holiday.

Now at 21, Angela continues to harness her craft as not just a piano player, singer, songwriter, and overall artist- but a mindful student and educator. Always listening and always giving. She currently teaches children piano and voice at the same music academy she started out at years ago. Her philosophy in music education- "Music should never be strict or rigorous, it's never about structure and discipline. It's passion, feeling, and drive."