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Anthony Alex

Teaches in Texas

From Missouri City, Texas

Plays and Drums


Anthony Alex has played the drums since he could barely walk. His family reports that he would grab the cardboard portion of hangers and begin playing a steady and consistent beat on just about any surface. Since those days of cardboard drumsticks and diapers, Anthony has received his Bachelor's degree in Music Education at Lamar University in the Spring semester of 2018.

During his time at Lamar University, he has participated in everything music-related organization provided at the institution ranging from the Lamar University Civic Orchestra, the Showcase of Southeast Texas Marching Band, the Lamar University Jazz Orchestra, and the Lamar University Cardinal Jazz Singers; just to name a few. He was also a member of Lamar University’s championship-winning percussion studio as a participant in the 2015 Percussive Arts Society Indoor Drumline competition.

After graduating from Lamar, Anthony once held the percussion director position at Lake Olympia MS and Hightower HS. He currently works as a drum instructor at Guitar Center. He is always enthusiastic and very passionate about teaching his students how to develop a skill set that they can take pride in and also have fun doing.