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Ian Bryan-Sterba

Teaches in Texas

From Houston, Texas

Plays and Guitar


Ian Bryan- Sterba is from Houston, Texas, where he began playing guitar at the age of 13. He started with a beginner program at Spencer’s Guitar Shop off of Jones. Most recently he’s been playing keyboard, synths, and guitar in a Houston based project called Blush. Ian has worked with several bands over the years, recording, writing and playing whenever necessary. He studied under several guitarists including Darryl W., his father, and as well as George Baba. Ian is mainly self taught, learning by ear and even scoring out musicians compositions. He has been teaching guitar, bass, drums, and keys to friends and bandmates for 11 years to further increase their skill level as well as his own. Starting with original music, Ian has taught ages from the range of 6 to 45, bringing a laxed approach to sessions, where the student guides the lesson to best fit their expectations. Ian has played in the band he started in highschool, called Zzyzx, for 10 years, recording their first album with JR Paredes of Satellite Music Group. He also enjoys going to garage sales and finding new gear thrifting, as well as designing t-shirts, running a Youtube Channel, and filming.