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Joanna Stryker

Teaches in Southern California

From Vista, California

Plays Piano, and Voice


Joanna Stryker has been teaching piano since 1991. She has been playing piano since she was 7 years old and has been teaching and performing for over 20 years. She is a worship leader for a church in north county and also does music therapy performances in nursing skilled retirement homes. Joanna has had music she wrote on Christian contemporary radio stations and also composes classical contemporary music with stories. Someday she would like to specialize more in expressive art therapy using art and classical music . She loves working with children and elderly people. She also specializes in younger children teaching piano fundamental skills theory and also with songs.

In piano she teaches sight-reading, chords, theory, techniques, transposing, composition and she has been in several competitions in in the 1970's and went on to higher region competitions. She has been arranging music since 1973 and and has worked with churches on arrangements for choir and chorals. She teaches all children, teens and adults and specializes in young children. Some of her students have gone to elite bands. In the 1990s she taught in pre-schools the fundamental music class with classical, instrumental, listening voice she has a music education in kodaly and solfege. This education is also used for instrumental value, but used mainly for voice to learn the value of developing the voice as a instrument without using an instrument for pitch. She specializes in musicals and theatre, but also teaches pop,
gospel and a variety of music. She teaches projection for theatre arts with vocal lessons. She specializes in theatre musicals and breathing techniques. Some of these techniques can help for Parkinson’s disease and for people who have breathing difficulties. She studied Alexander technique which is uses for performance, projection, musicians, athletes, and pain management. She is a vocal coach for some students who compete in San Diego, Southern California and Western Region. She competed in the 1970s with voice and went on to higher regions in competitions and play. She writes children’s musicals and has been in involved being a children’s musical director.