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Ben Jindra

Teaches in Nashville, TN

From Nashville, Tennessee

Plays Bass, Drums, and Guitar


Ben is a Nashville based musician and music educator with over 15 years experience teaching everything from private lessons to Middle and High School Music courses, ages 5 to 65!  Ben has a passion for teaching music and guiding people to discover their own love of music in their life.

He is a graduate of UCLA with a B.A. in Music Education and has a 10 year background as a classroom music teacher so can back up your lessons with a great deal of educational experience!  Professionally Ben works as the Music Director and Bassist for country singer Tyler Rich. As a working professional in the music industry he has a wealth of practical experience to draw upon in his teaching!

Ben offers lessons for Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Electric & Upright Bass, Drums, and Music Theory tutoring (both College Prep level or Beginning/Intermediate).

Ben would love to help you achieve your musical goals, grow in your musicianship and truly have fun with music!