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Nathan Bixenstine

Teaches in Texas

From Austin, Texas

Plays Bass, Drums, and Guitar


Nathan Bixenstine grew up in Shaker Hts., Ohio, where, after learning piano from his grandmother from age 5, he began studying drums and percussion at age 10, continuing his study of music on drums and percussion through high school and undergraduate studies at Tufts University, while expanding his study to bass guitar, guitar and vocals. Nathan has been actively performing and recording in Austin for 7 years. He currently plays drums and sings in “Champagne,” “Bear on Bear,” and “Red Dirt Jubilee.” Nathan studies and can teach all styles of drumming. He can teach hand percussion, mallet percussion, bass guitar, guitar, and piano. He can teach by reading and dictation, and also by ear and memory. He works with students of all ages and levels of experience, and prefers to match his teaching style to each student’s individual learning preferences.