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Tim Saye

Teaches in Phoenix, AZ

From Florence, Arizona

Plays and Piano


Originally from Southern California, Tim Saye grew up in a musical family, initially learning piano from his mother who gave him the thorough pedagogy he endeavors to impart with his students. He has been teaching piano lessons privately for the last 25 years, ensuring students enjoy a life long musical experience of listening and performing music. Tim earned seven certificates of Merit from the California Music Teachers Association, which eventually led to national certification with MTNA. Tim has studied the organ, winning second prize in an American Guild of Organist competition, and has taken music classes in college, earning an AS. After locating to the Seattle, Washington area, he took a master class with a top pedagogue, Dr. Jody Graves, who is a professor of piano at Eastern Washington University. He has adjudicated students and helped as a scorer in two events. Tim was active in the Edmonds Music Teachers Association, serving as president, treasurer, chair of the Ensemble Concerto Festival, and heading the Master Classes program for teachers and students. He regularly reads music journals and keeps up with the latest teaching methods on the piano. Tim teaches all levels, musical styles and ages, and endeavors to tailor the music experience with each student’s ability and interest. Tim resides with his wife, Carol, in Florence, Arizona, and they enjoy their two cats, Galena and Feo.