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Tiffany Fisher

Teaches in Phoenix, AZ

From Chandler, Arizona

Plays Piano, and Voice


Tiffany Fisher, from Lancaster County Pennsylvania began taking voice and piano lessons at the young age of 7. In piano, she was trained classically at first and then began learning contemporary modern piano. In voice, she was trained in classical and Musical Theatre styles. She had her first singing debut at her church at age 10. From there she began competing in district and country choir throughout high school. She was part of an elite vocal ensemble group ‘Chansodie’ at Manheim Central High School and performed a piece with her small group specifically written for them by British Composer Matt Laminan. She is currently an active vocalist and worship leader at her church. She was awarded first place in the Women Compassion Sing Star Song festival competition 2019. She studied Vocal Performance and Songwriting at Hillsong College 2017-2019 and received some training in the IVA (Institute of Vocal Advancement) structure of voice lessons. She has been teaching voice, piano, and musical theatre in different childcare centers, music schools, and privately for the past 6 years. She teaches all ages, most of which are in the ages of 5-17, however she encourages any age, and believes it is never too late to learn! Her approach to teaching is to determine the students’ desires and goals and create a plan and a vision to help achieve it. She also feels it is crucial to have fun and laugh because it is the joy and love of music that will keep students engaged. Tiffany adores spending time with her niece and nephews and exploring outdoors. She especially enjoys making people laugh and lightening everyone’s mood.