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Nathan Flynn

Teaches in Texas

From Round Rock, Texas

Plays and Guitar


Nathan Flynn has played guitar all his life, receiving his first “real” acoustic guitar for his seventh birthday. While living in Round Rock, Texas, he took years of advanced guitar lessons eventually specializing in flamenco guitar. He supplemented his intensive learning with studies in music theory and composition at Berklee School of Music from 2018-2019. Being so close to Austin, he has had the opportunity to meet and work with several high-profile musicians, including Brannen Temple (drummer for Bob Schneider, Joe Bonamassa, and Eric Johnson), and Wayne Salzmann II (drummer for Eric Johnson). He has played in a fair number of live performances around UT campus area. In addition, he has been teaching lessons for the past several years, from beginner lessons to advanced scales and modes. Nathan has the unique ability to teach even the most complex material in a structured, yet fun way! He enjoys living with his two cats and loves everything related to music and cars.