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Skyler Jackson

Teaches in Seattle, WA

From Olympia, Washington

Plays and Guitar


Skyler is from Vancouver, Washington originally, but resides in the West Olympia area currently with his wife Kathryn their son, and two dogs, Lady and Oreo. Skyler is more of an unorthodox teacher by only having two years of formal training but has played guitar for 16 years and taught for over ten. Skyler was in a band for a few years as lead electric and vocals where he played a variety of places. His biggest accomplishment was opening for Ludacris at Springfest for Washington State University back in 2012. With a vast spectrum of music Skyler listens to, there really is not a music style Skyler cannot accommodate. From Hank Williams to Def Leppard, or Red-Hot Chili Peppers to Godsmack; there isn’t a genre he hasn’t played/taught.