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Genevieve Eckel

Teaches in Southern California

From San Clemente, California

Plays Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano, and Ukulele


Coming from the quaint beach town of San Clemente California, Genevieve’s musical journey started as a multi-instrumentalist. Starting with Piano, then learning Guitar, from there she learned bass and ukulele, lastly orchestral percussion and drum set. She had an original band called Couch Party, as the songwriter and guitarist while her best friend wrote the lyrics. With an increasing appetite to experience and learn more about music, Genevieve attended San Jose State University to earn her Bachelor of Music. From there, Genevieve moved again across the country to attend New York University to accomplish her Master of Music. Throughout her scholastic career she has played in many classical ensembles and bands. Teaching instrumental music has always been a fulfilling job for her throughout her scholastic endeavors as well, she has been teaching for over 8 years. “Music has not only brought me a great personal sense of joy but it has brought me to incredible places to meet very interesting people with a common goal to further artistic enrichment and entertainment through this magical ‘painting on silence’ we call music.”