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Marie Strassenburg Reeder

Teaches in Southern California

From Newport Beach, California

Plays and Piano


She is is in-demand for her innovation in music education for children and is a also pioneer for private music training for special needs children & infants.

Mrs. Reeder was responsible for the establishment of the piano tutoring program at Riverside City College before she transferred to the University of Redlands, where she continues to work for the Community School of Music and the Arts as a piano instructor. Each summer, she also teaches music fundamentals and ensembles for the University of Redlands Summer Piano Camp. She now works as an adjunct faculty member for junior colleges teaching collegiate-level piano majors.

She began teaching piano at the age of 17, after having been trained in the western classical tradition since early childhood. As a performer, Mrs. Reeder takes great joy in programming classical music that can be made accessible for small children and contemporary audiences. She aspires to open the eyes of today’s world to the magic of yesterday’s music.