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Narges Shooka Afshar

Teaches in Northern Los Angeles

From Aliso Viejo, California

Plays Flute, Piano, and Voice


Shooka Afshar, soprano, City of Boston Certified Artist, born in Tehran, Iran, finished her undergraduate studies in classical vocal performance at Longy School of Music of Bard College in 2012. She received her Master’s Degree in Music in classical vocal performance and her Teaching Artist certificate on May 2014 from Longy.

Shooka Afshar, a City of Boston Certified Artist, has been a professional voice, piano, flute and group music teacher for over 12 years. She has a vast experience in teaching group music lessons to infants from ages 6 months old, to private lessons from age of 3 to adults. She applies Dalcroze methods in her teaching, especially in group classes, helping the students learn music through fun and joyous activities, as well as creating constructive musical challenges for them. Shooka incorporates the classical technique and vocalize exercises to help shape her student's voices, and therefore creates a solid singing technique for them, to sing their favorite genres such as pop, musical theater and Disney. She coaches them in their acting and stage presence, and focuses on breathing technique and provides her students with the latest voice and tension releasing exercises. Shooka’s approach in teaching the piano is focused on correct hand position, phrasing and understanding of the music. She provides her piano students with standard hand exercises and proper pieces, such as Hanon and Pischna for hand exercises and Bach inventions as building blocks. She encourages her students to work on their favorite pieces in any genres. In her flute studio Shooka teaches in all genres. Some of the books she uses, are the Suzuki Flute Series, Marcel Moyse and Taffanel exercises. Shooka incorporates fun activities in her private lessons so that her students will learn the music with happiness and joy. Through such activities the students learn solfege and theory both directly and indirectly.