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Sarah E Darlington

Teaches in Indianapolis, IN

From Indianapolis, Indiana

Plays and Voice


Growing up in a musical family she learned to appreciate music at a young age.  She has been singing ever since she can remember and has taken voice lessons for 17 years; 3 of which consist of classical training and 1 year of Jazz.  She was brought up on musicals, performances at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, and began mimicking Charlotte Church in elementary school.

​In December 2012 she was blessed to be an extra at St. Elmo's Steak House in S5E10 of the TV Series Parks and Recreation.  

​In July 2015 she was privileged to be asked to sing Opera and Broadway with Opera Maya around different parts of Mexico under the direction of Mary Grogan for 2 weeks.

​She is now the lead singers for the Christian rock band Risen.

Her favorite quote is:
"If you don’t wanna hold a toilet brush you got no business holding a microphone…" ~Mike Donehey