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Robert Salihar

Teaches in Chicago, IL

From Wheaton, Illinois

Plays Bass, Guitar, and Voice


Bob Salihar is a music teacher, recording artist and performer with 25 years experience. He teaches students of all ages and skill levels on guitar, bass and vocals. His students can choose songs they wish to learn or ask his advice on a musical path. One of his goals is to help his students find their own personal musical voice. Whether you are just a beginner, have played for years and need a new direction or preparing to major in music for college he can help you reach your potential. Bob encourages his students to set goals, build a practice routine and to develop technique and music theory knowledge while expanding their repertoire of songs. All the while having fun doing it. You can learn by ear and/or develop the skill of reading sheet music, chord charts and tablature. Each lesson is tailored to fit your own personal style and speed.