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Kyuyim Lee

Teaches in Texas

From Denton, Texas

Plays Piano, and Voice


Kyuyim Lee, originally from South Korea is a versatile soprano, musicologist, and instructor dedicated to performing, collaborating, and teaching classical music. Kyuyim started singing when she was eight years old and quickly began winning big prizes from many nationwide competitions when she was in elementary school in Korea. She joined a kid's choir and earned a national reputation. She studied piano, violin, marimba, and singing from her childhood through Arts high school.

Kyuyim have had many teaching experiences more than 10 years, from teaching children to older people, from private students to choir members. She also used to perform as a solo singer and choir member.

She got bachelor’s in voice at Ewha Womans University, completed graduate certificate in musicology at the same school. She got master’s in VoiceArts at California Institute of the Arts(CalArts) which is established by the Walt Disney Company with the Colburn scholarship. After getting her master degree, she taught students as a voice adjunct faculty member at CalArts. Currently, Kyuyim is in the third year for DMA Voice Program awarding the competitive graduate early music performance scholarship and choral scholarship in Jennifer Lane’s studio.