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Bruce Gates

Teaches in Boston, MA

From Lowell, Massachusetts

Plays Bass, Drums, Guitar, and Ukulele


Ever since he was a young boy perusing the aisles of the local toy store, Bruce has loved music. He would ask his mom to take him to the "la las" and his aunt would put headphones on him in the stroller or try to teach him to say "Huey Lewis" and "Michael Jackson." His mom really hated that headphone thing, but she has always been fully supportive of his musical journey.‚Äč

At 16, he managed to convince his mom to purchase his first electric guitar starter kit complete with an amp, a strap, cable, picks, a tuner, and so on. He took lessons and performed the "Star Spangled Banner" in the recital that the school held but as soon as his instructor taught him power chords and his first few songs, he decided to try and teach himself.

Through years of listening to records and trying to replicate the sounds he heard from the musicians he loved, his curiosity grew and along with it, his skill. Through his teenage years all the way through college, he would always find time for a band of friends to get together and make some noise! The groups started with covers but eventually began crafting and recording their own tunes, getting gigs, and even winning competitions!

Eventually he turned his passion into a profession when he began teaching students, both children and adults, at a local school. Today, that passion still burns strong. Bruce continues to write, record, and perform as much as possible. He enjoys spreading his music as well as his knowledge as much as he enjoys the never-ending quest for more!