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Trenton Maki

Teaches in Phoenix, AZ

From Phoenix, Arizona

Plays Drums, and Guitar


Trenton Maki was born in Nashville, Tennessee and moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where he started to play guitar and sing at the young age of 7. Having a musically inclined family, he progressed with his ability to play the guitar quickly and fell in love with the instrument. Trent played percussion in high school competing and placing in talent shows and competitions. He started playing and teaching guitar lessons in high school at his local music store, GoodTimes Music. After graduating high school, Trent moved to St Paul, Minnesota where he majored in Live Performance with Guitar at McNally Smith College of Music. Many scholars who taught him are considered some of the best musicians in the Twin Cities area.

Trent then returned to his home town in Michigan, and picked up where he left off teaching guitar lessons while working full time, and expanding his knowledge of the instrument independently. Since then, he has worked on singing and playing country, blues, and bluegrass songs to play for friends, family, and locals. Not stopping there, genres of music he also enjoys to play are rock, metal, jazz, folk, and alternative. Trent is comfortable teaching guitar to students of all ages and enjoys a more laid back and fun style of teaching. He mostly enjoys when his students have fun while learning to play.

Being new to the Valley, Trent is excited to expand his private guitar studio and help more students achieve musical success.