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Brianna Braun

Teaches in Philadelphia, PA

From Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Plays and Voice


Brianna Braun has her degree in Music with a concentration in Vocal Performance. She has been professionally performing and studying music since 2013. A prolific vocalist & teacher for the past seven years, she has also directed music sing along, taught chorus ensembles, and offered private instruction for students of all ages. She sings regularly at church on Sundays in Westchester. She has also performed with the Schola Choir at The Kimmel Center. Performed with the Jubilee choir at the NANM conference in Chicago. She is currently in Sweet Adelines choir studying to become a director. She has received her training from Nationally accredited BCCC as well as attended Westminster Choir College for 2 years. Her students have all achieved their goals, nailed their auditions for plays and performances, joined their dream ensembles and won competitions! Music has been an extraordinary part of Miss Braun’s life. It has helped her grow and develop. This is one of the reasons she loves teaching so much. She wants to encourage students to use the proper technique and find their own voice. Music helps the soul, teaches and helps students embrace who they are. As professional vocal coach her way of teaching is to empower, inspire and support you to achieve your dream goals and get the best sound possible! Whether you like to sing classical, musical theatre, rock or pop music, in her studio, you will be given the tools to do it all.