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Xiangyi Liu

Teaches in Boston, MA

From Worcester, Massachusetts

Plays and Violin


Xiangyi Liu

Xiangyi Liu was born in Shenyang, China, Where she was First inspired by the violin at the age of five. Ms. Liu Had decided to pursue her passion for violin performance as a dedicated career when she was granted a nationally recognized violin certificate (level 10) before attending six grades. She was trained under a titled youth violin artist Mr. Zhu given by the national committee in Shenyang Before moving overseas to further branch her knowledge of Music.

During her freshmen year, Ms. Liu was an active orchestral musician ever since joining Sycamore Junior High/High School Orchestra in Cincinnati OH. Where the Orchestra Competed in State competitions and won at least three times during her participation. She intensifies her crafts mentored by Yabing Tan(2012), also Dona Noune, one of the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra’s international musicians who guided Ms. Liu’s Youth musician journey. (2014)

Ms. Liu is currently a Graduated Alumni of Bowling Green State University where she spent her college under BGSU Philharmonia Orchestra as a violin performer. Where Contemporary music was performed in the annual New Music Festival(2016), Orchestra Recording/CDS were published including Ms. Liu. Caroline Eva Chin, who guided her throughout her entire college career, Is the Assistant Professor of BGSU Received a master’s degree from the Juilliard school.

Ms. Liu has experience in Chamber Music, Recital solo performance, Accompanied featured guest of the college, named “Chicago Black Voice”. Xiangyi Has inspired by her mentors in pursuing teaching young children just as she was back in her youth period seeing others on stage. Her patient sentiment towards each and every child that she has ever encountered felt comfort and motivation in growing their interests in violin. She enjoys Reading, Expanding her horizon by interacting with all cultures and groups of people and learning more about them on a personal level.