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Terrence Mahier

Teaches in Northern Los Angeles

From Los Angeles, California

Plays Bass, Guitar, and Voice


A highly motivated individual who's eager to create his place in the world. He's easy to work with and takes initiative in all settings to communicate effectively. He's a studied musician/songwriter, and brings his enthusiasm into all his work.
He's sung and played guitar/bass since the age of 9 (14 years), and also plays piano and drums however - voice, guitar, and bass are where he is most studied.
Terrence is actively looking to change the direction of my career out of sales, and back into music full time as it's where his heart is.

Terrence has been signed artist by a major label and is an active musician. Here is the link to his newest single "Spiderman":

Terrence has the experience, attitude, relationship skills, and vaccination status to represent your company at its best. Looking forward to being a reliable member of the right team!