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Zach Kehley

Teaches in Philadelphia, PA

From Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Plays Bass, and Guitar


Zach Kehley is a Philadelphia based guitarist and bassist who has a passion for helping people achieve their musical goals. Zach started his musical journey on the bass at the age of 12 and continued to expand his repertoire by learning guitar as well. Since then, he's had over a decade of experience in live performance and recording with various bands in the tristate area. He continues to stay active by playing bass with his band Poeta who are currently represented by CI Records.

Zach is also a veteran of the United States Air Force and is currently a volunteer instructor for the non-profit organization Guitars 4 Vets; which was established to provide complimentary lessons and instruction to veterans who suffer from PTSD and other service-connected disabilities.

Zach's main philosophy as a teacher is to provide unique and student specific instruction based off the musical goals his students would like to work towards.