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Santeri Mettovaara

Teaches in Texas

From Lewisville, Texas

Plays and Guitar


Santeri graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a bachelor's degree in Jazz Studies (performance).

Santeri has worked with and taught a variety of students on both the electric and acoustic guitars. His method of teaching involves assessing the level at which the student is at in guitar playing and then forming a plan to reach the goals that the student intends to accomplish with the guitar. Santeri’s teaching materials range from recognized guitar method books to individual songs that an individual student may wish to learn. He teaches students at the beginning, intermediate, and upper intermediate levels. In addition to teaching a student how to play the guitar, Santeri also puts an emphasis on teaching the student the music theory behind the chords, notes, scales and harmony that form an individual piece of music. Pop, rock, blues and folk are the most common styles of music that Santeri teaches.