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Tim Gargiulo

Teaches in Texas

From Dallas, Texas

Plays Drums, Guitar, and Piano


Tim grew up in Arlington, Texas and began his musical journey first learning guitar. His love for music continued to develop in middle and high school where he also started playing percussion. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music composition from The University of Texas at Arlington where he studied percussion under the direction of Michael Varner and Jim Yakas. He also studied piano under the direction of Dr. John Solomons, Dr. Young Hyun Cho, as well as Gabriel Sanchez.

Tim’s passion for creating music grew and he went on to complete a Master of Music Degree from the Seattle Film Institute in Film Composition. He is the recipient of an award from the Film Score University Division at the 11th Annual Robert Avalon International Composers Competition for his music that he composed and produced for a short film called Warm Winter.

Tim has taught for several private studios as well as The Lamplighter School and continues to share his love of music and music theory with students of Traveling Music Lessons. His best skill as a teacher is to break down musical concepts in simple and practical ways that are usable for any age. Another thing to know about Tim is that he stutters (a genetic speech impediment), which has helped him to become an incredible listener and a patient teacher.