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Sirena Nuñez

Teaches in Texas

From San Antonio, Texas

Plays Flute, Piano, and Voice


Ms.Nuñez is a recent graduate from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a degree in music performance. Her main instrument is flute and can teach at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced HS levels. Ms.Nuñez also has proficiency in both vocals and piano and can teach both subjects at a beginner and intermediate level. Ms.Nuñez has a passion for the performing arts and has been performing on staged with ensembles like the San Antonio Community Wind Ensemble and with contemporary artists in the local San Antonio Area. Ms.Nuñez enjoys teaching music to individuals and sharing her knowledge of instrumental proficiency, aural skills, and basic music theory proficiency.

"My job as a music teacher is to awaken the possibility of music making in other people." - Benjamin Zander