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Josué Moreno

Teaches in Texas

From Dallas, Texas

Plays and Guitar


Josué is a board certified music therapist who graduated from Sam Houston State University. He is a self-taught guitarist that has been playing guitar for more than 10 years. His background and initial training was with contemporary Christian music, but he went on to experiment with many other genres including funk, blues, rock, folk, country, and alternative. He’s most recently began to dabble with pop music within the last three years during his training to become a music therapist, and his current favorite artists are Bahamas, John Denver, and Relient K. If you like those artists or similar styles, you’ve found your guy! He’s proficient with both fingerpicking and flat picking and is comfortable breaking those down for new or seasoned learners. Above all, even more than having a guitar, one should have the desire to learn, and the rest will follow! Naturally, learning a new skill takes time, but Josue’s goal is to get you playing what you love and learning the instrument as fast as possible!

Also, if you are interested in music theory, Josué plans to introduce students to new vocabulary that will help them grow as a musician by expanding their musical understanding!

Josué looks forward to being a part of your musical journey in building up your guitar skills!