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Lina Jeong

Teaches in Chicago, IL

From Chicago, Illinois

Plays and Violin


Committed to teaching all ages, Lina has taught for eight years in her violin studio and in beginner-intermediate string programs. She is exceptionally dedicated to investing in youth music education. In 2018, she co-founded a volunteer youth orchestra in Chicago and currently serves as the music director.
Often performing for weddings and community gigs, she arranges and composes music for multiple ensemble types of all levels of musicianship.
Lina double majored in Music and French as an undergraduate student. Her passion for music motivated her to explore studies in composition, improvisation, hip-hop, and music production. She performed in masterclasses and studied with accomplished violinists and teachers including MingHuan Xu, Almita Vamos, and Liba Shacht. Lina continues her music studies at Northwestern University studying Music Education with an emphasis in conducting.