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Anneke Speller

Teaches in Seattle, WA

From Federal Way, Washington

Plays Piano, and Voice


Anneke was mostly raised in Austin, Texas. She won the Austin high school musicians contest, third place in the national Dallas high school concerto contest, to scholarships to the University of Texas where she received her degree in piano, and a full scholarship and invitation to study in Amsterdam. She is also a composer/recording artist and performer. She has made numerous radio and television appearances for both classical and original music. She was voted best new music and singer by the Austin chronicle. Her songs made it to number 34 and 17 on the national radio air play charts. She has taught all ages since her teens, mostly in the Austin and Seattle area. Her influences range from the renaissance period to baroque, classical and the romantic period onto rock/pop. She teaches in a fun but disciplined way in order to create a steady progression of success for each student. She wants students to appreciate the potential each has. Her philosophy is that anyone who wants to create music most certainly can. Everyone has their own speed of success. Anneke never wants students to feel pressure, only inspiration to help Them have a positive experience. Only very recently, Anneke’s has returned to the Pacific Northwest. She intends on composing and recording her original music again as soon as she can. She is very happy to be back!