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Murphy Smith

Teaches in Twin Cities, MN

From Minneapolis, Minnesota

Plays Bass, and Piano


Murphy Smith was born and raised in Kansas City, and started playing both piano and bass at the ripe age of 10; his father (a hobbyist musician) showed him how to play anything from rock to soul. Since then, Murphy has graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Jazz Studies-Double Bass and made a living as a full time musician in New Orleans, Kansas City, and as of July 2021, Minneapolis. Murphy has had the privilege of playing with numerous artists including Marcus Lewis (Janelle Monae), Warren Batiste (George Benson), Ryan Hanseler (Branford Marsalis), and many others. In addition to electric and upright bass, Murphy teaches piano, which he formally studied in high school and college. Murphy is enjoying the Twin Cities-living with his girlfriend, Maggie, and their two cats, Rose and Dandelion.