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Brenda Olmsted

Teaches in Denver, CO

From Lakewood, Colorado

Plays and Piano


Brenda Olmsted started taking piano lessons at the age of 7. Through her formative years, she also studied pipe organ. Brenda has been an accompanist for a school choir, show choir, orchestra, and 7 high school musicals. Brenda was the substitute organist for her church and she has played for high school commencements and ceremonies for years. Brenda was the pianist for Church of The Rockies, and on special occasions, she accompanied for the Christian Harvest Church. Brenda was the accompanist for the Wheatridge chorale for 11 years, and she is currently the pianist for “The Rhythm of Life Chorus." Additionally, Brenda is the church pianist for the Wheat Ridge Jefferson Avenue United Methodist Church. Brenda can teach you anything from classical to jazz/commercial music. Her goal is to find which songs her students are enchanted by, and show them how to do it while mixing in a healthy blend of music theory.