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Justin Yan

Teaches in Northern Los Angeles

From Chino Hills, California

Plays Guitar, Piano, and Voice


Justin Yan began his music career with guitar, piano, and vocals at a young age, having accumulated over 20 years of music experience and still learning more. He currently resides in the suburbs of Los Angeles and has a lifelong passion for teaching and giving back to the musical community. In the past 8 years he has been actively involved in his church's worship and youth ministry, has played and sang at numerous weddings/church retreats, and is often asked for impromptu performances at family gatherings.

Justin recognizes the dedication it takes to learning something new and emphasizes the importance of loving music itself as a pivotal means of growth. He encourages students to learn the music they want to show off to their friends and family, as those opportunities will translate naturally into learning moments. He is excited to share his passion for music and aims to create lessons that are both engaging and fun!