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Quinn Donoghue

Teaches in Texas

From Austin, Texas

Plays Bass, Guitar, and Ukulele


Quinn has been playing guitar for fifteen years and has been performing professionally for the last six years. He has been the lead guitarist in numerous bands, including international performances with a Spanish group known as The Nightcrawlers. Currently, Quinn is the guitarist and primary songwriter for Austin based band, The Dragon Berries, who's latest single was premiered on KUTX as their "Song of the Day."

Quinn's teaching style can best be described as adaptable. He always tailors his approach based on the goals, influences, and skill level of each student. He is capable of teaching a wide variety of genres, icnluding blues, rock, funk, acoustic fingerpicking, R&B and more. No matter what, Quinn will always make sure to cultivate a comprehensive and effective plan for each student so that they can thrive in their musical endeavors!