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Kenneth Yarbrough

Teaches in Boston, MA

From Fall River, MA

Plays and Guitar


Kenneth Yarbrough (YMCA guitar instructor for three years) began playing the guitar at six on a Stella Acoustic Guitar that sat on the floor beneath his mother's Steinway Baby Grand Piano in Sudbury, Massachusetts.
The son of two musicians, Yarbrough studied with Francis Caruso at the Sudbury Music Center in Sudbury, Massachusetts, and he played in several bands during his youth.
With over fifty years of playing and eight years of instruction, Yarbrough teaches many styles, including blues, jazz, rock, folk, and classical guitar.
Yarbrough takes an individualized approach with students of all ages and levels, focusing on their desires and aspirations.
To expedite his students' physical abilities to improvise and play chords, he incorporates music theory with a variety of hand strengthening exercises.
Yarbrough also teaches bass, harmonica, songwriting, and multitrack recording.
Yarbrough studied music appreciation at Brandeis University in the 1980s and he graduated from UMass/Boston with BA in Political Science in 1998.
He hosted the Quiet Storm on WUMB 91.9 FM in Boston from 1988 to 2001, and later he worked as Chief Information Officer for Boston City Councilor Charles C. Yancey from 1998 to 2016.
Yarbrough was a runner-up in the Guitar Center's King of the Blues Competition in 2010 at the Guitar Center in Millbury, Massachusetts.