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Mariel Carin

Teaches in Southern California

From Menifee, California

Plays Guitar, and Voice


Mariel Carin primarily grew up in small town Menifee, California, where she found a passion for voice and guitar. Ever since the age of 13, Mariel has performed competitively in local talent shows around the Inland Empire area and even composed a couple of original pieces along the way. While attending California State University San Marcos, Mariel has strived within the Music department by being taught vocally by the Opera Prodigy, John Craig Johnson. Similar to Craig’s philosophy in teaching, I teach to discover one’s ability to sing and express freely in any genre they pursue. Her specialty is in pop, r&b, musical, acoustic and jazz. After graduating with a BA in Music, Mariel continues to teach vocal lessons on the side while pursuing her own dream of being a well-known singer/songwriter.