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Nuria Canales Rubio

Teaches in Texas

From Austin, Texas

Plays and Flute


Born in Spain, Nuria Canales obtained her BA in Flute in Musikene (Basque Country School of Music). Then she moved to Amsterdam, where she obtained her MA in flute, and her second bachelor degree, this time in Early Music and Historical Performance (baroque flute), both at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. It was also in the Netherlands where she would meet her husband, with whom she just moved in the United States.

Nuria’s former teacher focused all of her energy in ensuring that her student developed her own musical identity. Thus, Nuria created her own ways to study flute in order to make artistic choices and transmit that identity. Having such a teacher is the reason why she continued being a musician, and why she developed an intense passion for teaching. It also deeply influenced the kind of teacher she would become. Nuria has been teaching for many years to students of all ages, from six-year-olds to adults. She has always found a wonderful source of inspiration in every single student she has had. As a music teacher, she does her best to guide them to discover their own potential, and dare to figure out the person and artist they want to become. Each student has unique needs in that process, and empathizing with them at such level constitutes the most captivating challenge for her.

Nuria has experience in orchestra, chamber music, and as a soloist. She has performed with the Basque Country Symphony Orchestra, The Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, and the Dutch orchestra Stitching Ars Musica, and has closely worked with Mº Arturo Tamayo in a number of contemporary music works. As a chamber music player, she has performed in multiple venues in Spain and in the Netherlands. She has also participated and organized pedagogical concerts and educational projects, and has done a course in Educational Studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Besides, other areas of interest of hers are orchestra conducting, singing, and history. Currently she is a flute teacher at the Armstrong Community Music School in Austin.