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Liam Cahill-Kurtz

Teaches in Chicago, IL

From Chicago, Illinois

Plays and Guitar


Liam Cahill-Kurtz grew up on the north side of Chicago, IL. He began playing the guitar around age 9. Throughout high school, Liam played in multiple bands and independently studied the guitar and music theory. He went on to attend Depaul University in his native Chicago. There he received a Bachelor's degree in history. During college, Liam began teaching guitar privately to peers and his younger siblings as a side gig. Currently, he is a substitute teacher at various elementary and high schools in Chicago. Although almost entirely self-taught, Liam recognizes the importance of a structured musical learning experience. A genre-bender, Liam enjoys playing many different styles of music on the guitar, including country, rock, jazz, metal, bluegrass, and everything in between.